Campus Involvement

Every school year the ladies of Illinois Theta have a week dedicated to hosting different events to raise money to donate to the several different philanthropies Pi Beta Phi supports.  Along with donating money to our philanthropies, our ladies volunteer their time going to read to the children at a local elementary school. This is a wonderful opportunity the ladies get to volunteer for. Below is a message from a chapter member on how Champions Are Readers at Bradley works and impacts children. 

Being a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity has given me the amazing opportunity of participating in one of our many reading initiatives: Champions Are Readers, otherwise known as CAR. The IL Theta chapter is lucky to be located a block away from an elementary school which gives us the chance to visit twice a week to read to the children. Encouraging members to participate in CAR and watching the kids’ faces light up when they see so many of us there to read to them has meant so much to me over the years. You can tell that the kids look up to us and are always so cheerful to have us there to help them read, do classwork, and get to know them. I will always be thankful to Pi Phi for giving me the chance to positively influence the lives of readers in my community.


-Lauren Bell, VP of Philanthropy